April 28, 2009

Buta Influenza - Swine flu

It seems like pigs are causing some trouble these days in Mexico
and starting to spread all over the world.
It seems to be spreading throughout the world faster than
any other recent viruses.... and as of now we don't have
any vaccines. Is it a biohazard terroist threat ???
I'm sure the medicine researchers are working super hard.

In Japan, people wear masks regularly whether they are feeling
sick or not. They use it to prevent allergies and to not get the
viruses from other sick people...
Even a dog wears a mask . . . .
Cover your nose too chihuahua doggie !
(he does look pale...)
And even a statue at a train station is feeling under the weather...
He can't walk without a stick.

I think with this swine flu situation, Japanese people are
soon gonna be dressed like this around town....
At "level 4" warning of this new flu virus, it might
seriously be necessary...
I'm going to wear my racing suit with helmet to go out
from tomorrow !!


  1. lol awesome post Hiro. You should take some photos of yourself wearing your race gear in front of the local free clinic lol

  2. Unfortunately, Hiro, the masks may actually hurt in an outbreak, causing people to take unnecessary risks, because they think they will be safer. :(

    The good news is that the further the flu gets away from Mexico City the weaker it may actually get. So far only 1 death has happend in the USA, and that was of a Mexican toddler.

    Given what we know about it so far, I think we will be okay. It's not the dark ages anymore.

  3. Andrew,
    always wondered what'll happen if i wear a race suit and a helmet and speed by a highway patrol car... don't have the guts to try it though... haha!!

    yeah, i think us in the US have a better medical care (although not awesome), adults shouldn't have a problem. only little ones with weak immunity is having more severe problems. i'm not worries about it too much.
    but japan gets crazy over these things. they've had the mad cow disease, chicken flu, and now the pork flu...