April 24, 2009

Drift Speed

Today I visited here :
Their S15 and S14 is famous as Ueo and Quoc drives in the Formula D
series. And I hear that my pal from Japan will be driving for them
in the upcoming D1GP USA in Anaheim.
I went there to talk to the mechanics to see if there's a way
to use the DG-5 for JZX90 (that I was sponsored with
previously) on my MX83. The rear ones are already
on the car, but the front is more of a problem since the
Cressida has a strut type compared to the double wishbone
on the JZX90. Hope I can make it work because being
able to run the same brand shocks on all four corners
would be so much nicer !

This picture is from their website, but they have a nice
garage with all the equipment you need.
If you're close by, you should definitely stop by.
All the guys (Derric, Jerrod, Koji, Quoc, Masa)
working there is super cool too !

Also, I finally cut my hair after growing it out for several months
because :
1) It was so hot on Tuesday.
2) I couldn't afford to use so much shampoo and conditioner
everytime I showered.
The outcome is not so bad for doing it by myself with a buzzer
and a mirror.


  1. it would be great if u can fit front jzx90 suspension on the x83 body bro hehe,i read from the jzxproject.com their using s14 suspension on the x83 hehe

  2. yeah, i know about the s14 suspension but i was sponsored a full set of DG5 for JZX90 about a year ago, so i'm trying to make it work for my mx83. we'll see !

  3. Wow, I can't believe Ueo is in Formula D!

    (I'm so out of it)