April 20, 2009

Formula D 2009 !!!

After the short (?) offseason, the Formula D 2009 season
has finaly begun !!
My car was dynoed on the night before the race day
at Garage Boso (http://www.garageboso.com/) by Frank
and the engine is pushing over 500hp on the pump gas.... awesome !!!
As you can see, I didn't have anytime to make the car look 'cool',
but at least I was finally able to pass the strict technical inspection
and stand at the start line. Almost a miracle.

Of course when Formula D begins, my JDM friends
come over from Japan, so we have our get together
at local yakiniku place !
Now that my car is finally put together, I can't wait to
dial it in and make it a competitive vehicle to dig into
those big budget teams. (^ ^)/



  1. hi bro hiro,im azrain from malaysia,im also a toyota mark II a.k.a x80 owners,been following ur blog for a while,check out my humble blog,www.freedom-spec.blogspot.com

    4door saloon drift cars rocks!!!

  2. hello azrain,
    i'm glad to hear that we have a 4 door drifter
    friend in asia. i'm from japan, but i've never
    been to any other part of asia...

  3. and thanks for mentioning my blog on your
    blog. yeah, i need some bodykits for sure !!

  4. no problem bro Hiro hehe,in malaysia there still alot of drifter using 4door drift car like cefiro,corolla KE70,and many type of oldskool rides..cars like silvia,skyline,jzx 90 or 100 here are damn expensive hehe...check out our malaysian drift community forum www.drift.com.my
    btw u should come visit malaysia for holiday and vacation,there's alot of nice place to go to..lol especially the golf course since u like it hehehe

  5. singbluesiliver,
    hmmm... golf in malaysia sound good !!!
    i haven't had the time to even hit the ranges
    in the last few months. i must suck now...
    only person i know in malaysia is Tengu and
    you. it would be nice to visit there someday!

    C.B. Leslie,
    yes, of course !!!

  6. aaa Tengku Djan is the pioneer of drifting in malaysia...anyway just give me a holla if u decided to drop by here ok hehehe..