April 27, 2009

JustDrift TopDrift Battle Round 2 in WSIR HTM

Yesterday, I went to Willow Springs Int'l Raceway to
judge for the Just Drift's Top Drift Rd.2 in Horse Thief Mile.
And we had a special guest judge from Japan.
Takatori Michihiro, who used to drive the Autobacs/Koyo
Skyline in Formula D last year. He is driving a supercharged
VQ powered S13.5 with Bridge's Racing in this year's
Formula D.
I wanted to take more pics, but my battery died. . . . . damn.

F1 Bahrain was won by J. Button...... again !!
Trulli at Toyota was obviously dissapointed for finishing
3rd, but their car seems to be very fast this year, so
it's not a bad result at all because the season has just begun.
And it could be just me, but Trulli's champaigne on the podium
seemed to be out of gas !?


  1. Hiro-kun!
    I was watching live TV very early in the morning too.
    That is fake champaigne.
    They said that, they cann't champaine shower by the law ?? in Bahrain.
    So, they use something juice.

    Anyway, who is your favorite?

  2. oh i see ! i guess some country have laws
    preventing alcohol.
    i don't really have a favorite because all the
    driver on the current F1 team seems like cool
    dudes, but i like Toyota so i'd like to see
    Trulli, Glock, Rosberg, and Kaz do well !! ;)
    btw, who is this anonymous ? MG?

  3. I watched the race too (of course)!!
    That was pretty tough, waking up at 4:30am ...
    But nothing can be better than watching Button win!!

    At the Bahrain grand prix, it is F1's tradition to use
    "non-alcoholic" sparkling wine, since its a muslim country.
    It was so nice to see those three on the podium!!

    I guess the rule change on the tires are working pretty good...

  4. Yoco,
    i woke up at 4:30 too, but had to go judge
    an event, so i watched it later.
    you must be happy because Button is kicking
    butt !!
    i wish Glock was a little faster on the harder

  5. MG? => Yes! (^^)/