April 21, 2009

Long Beach Toyota GP

Last weekend was the annual Toyota Grandprix of Long Beach.
Because there is no more ChampCars, this was the first
year welcoming the INDY cars to the Streets of Long Beach
track. I don't know any INDY drivers except for Danica, but
I saw a name of a Japanese driver, Mutoh. I wonder how he did...
Since it took so long to fix my car after the FD Long Beach, I had to
miss Friday and Saturday practice runs, but finally made it to the
venue on Sunday. However, after 3 laps, my day was over . . . .

This is Toyota Corolla Levin Russakoff. No, he's not my son, but
the son of John Russakoff, who's an awesome corolla drifter
with S2000 turbo engine. Levin really seemed to like my
headphones !! He is very quiet, but I can see in his big eyes
that he'll be an car enthusiast some day.


  1. Hope things are well!
    How are to on getting to the east coast?


  2. Hi Annie C,
    things are alright... always could be better!!
    i won't make the east coast events, but Taka
    should since he's getting the charity going
    for him.

  3. You are right and it is in the valleys we grow.

    I think the charity is a great idea! You should try it! Maybe?