April 29, 2009

Toyota Venza

This new car from Toyota . . . . .
The new Toyota Venza.
It seems like a cool car especially when you lower it and put
some cool wheels on. I certainly don't mind having one
if somebody give it to me (for some crazy reason...)

BUT !!!

the name "Venza"...

if we pronouce it in Japanese...

it sounds like "Benza"...

which means................

"Toilet seat" !!!


  1. Haha.. Toilet Seat??

    Was hoping for Mercedes Benza.. LoL. ^^

  2. Annie C,
    yeah, what a name from a japanese auto manufacturer.
    i wonder what's gonna happen to mercedes benz after chrysler's chapter 11...

  3. I like the style of the Venza and your translation - I think it adds more appeal.