April 30, 2009

Works Bell GTC racing steering hub

The day has come to finally get rid of that front clip !!!
This was my first time coming to this metal scrap yard
right by my house... And I was clueless to what the procedure was
and what i'm supposed to do. It was kinda scary surrounded by
big rig truckers !!!
there was so many super huge machineries and monster
shovel cars, and .... etc. Well, the price of my junk front clip was
$12.50 !! Metal IS cheap these days....

Also installed this new GTC racing hub by Works Bell.
This is not like the Raffix II, which the steering wheel
completely comes off, but it . . . . . .
tilts up like this ! Pretty neat JDM technology :)


  1. Nice. Don't try and drive with it up!

  2. C.B.,
    if i could actually steer like that, it might be fun.... like a bus !!!

  3. Haha^, I imagine it'd feel pretty odd to drive a car like a bus!

  4. Zach,
    i wanna try drifting a school bus. :)