May 12, 2009

Beaux and MAX

Takatori san came back from Formula D Atlanta, so we
went out for after dinner drink to hear some news
about the event at this restaurant in Torrance
called Beaux (Pronouced Bo~zu).
After like 4 pitchers of beer, we're now having the JDM "Imo"
shochu, which is like soju made from sweet potato.
I would personally prefer bourbon over shochu . . . . .

Afterwards, we went to MAX karaoke for a little bit.
I only go karaoke maybe a couple times a year, but it's
always fun whether I sing or just listen to other people
sing because I can then learn what the song is about
by following the lyrics. Also, watching the meaningless
backgound video behind the lyrics is also pretty funny.
Thanks to Shinnosuke and Kie chan, I found songs I really
liked : Spell Magic by Acid Black Cherry and Osaka Lovers
by Dreams Come True. (^0^)//


  1. crap that was you guys? I was dropping off a friend at her car and saw a red IS with RPF1s and thought, man that car looks familiar lol small world

  2. haha, yup that was us. if you find a red IS with rpf1, os giken license place coverand, a crystal shift knob, then it's probably my car ;)

  3. aw you didnt like Black Cherry?? hahahah

  4. いやいや、Black Cherry好きになったって書いたんよ~。

  5. 中で出っっしってぇーええぇぇー!!