May 15, 2009

Beaux bar

This week I was in South Bay almost every day . . . . .
Last night was no exception...
I went to Beaux again and had some drink with
my friends. And I had. . . . . . . . . . . bourbon !

And also found this bottle on the rack... called "OBAN".
No correlation at all, but in Japanese, "oban" means
"old bitch". . . . .
I think I'll try this 'old bitch' drink next time (^_^;)


  1. Hiro, how is your jzx cressida drift project going on FD ? Hope to see you back on FD soon !

  2. my cressida project is going a little slow
    right now because i'm completely out of budget.
    i'm planning to run the car at the formula d
    las vegas, so hope to get some improvements by
    that time.