May 15, 2009

continuation of yesterday. . . . .

We had lunch at Teriyaki Inn at the little plaza right behind
the Torrance Mitsuwa. Kalbi lunch box was very good !!
We also got some extra macaroni salad too :)

Here's Shinnosuke pretending like he's back to work after
the lunch break. But we know that he's not really working
because he's just smiling at something !!

Takatori san and I decided to have a relatively early
dinner at Azuma in Gardena. The tonkatsu/gindara
dinner combo was soooo huge, but we both pretty
much finished it all !!!
We got so full. You can tell by Takatori san's face... hahaha!!

After eating so much, we had to find a way to excercise
to burn off the excess fat and calories.
So, here we are at the Dominguez Hills golf range.
Of course, we called up Shinnosuke too !
Takatori san said it's been 14 years since he last played golf,
but he was surprizingly good. What a talent...
Drifters can golf !!!

This place have this new high tech system where when you hit
one ball off the tee, the tee sinks in and the next new ball comes
out all tee'd up !! I've seen it in Japan, but it was the first time
in the U.S. Pretty cool and convenient !!!


  1. Auto-Tees are sweet. I one of these days I'm going to have to go down there and hit a few.

  2. C.B.,
    so you are close to south bay ?

  3. あ、僕の声が入ってる(笑