May 2, 2009

D1 GP USA in Anaheim Angels Stadium

Yesterday I went to check out the qualifying of the
D1GP USA in Anaheim Angels Stadium.
This is by far the closest drifting event from my house....
only like 10min away !
For the USA events, D1GP has new judges and new scoring
system with the "drift box", so it'll be interesting to see what happens.
Pit area for the JDM D1 teams.
Mr. Takatori in the middle of the picture !
That's 2/3 of the face of Frank from Garage Boso.
(good thing it didn't fill up the whole screen..... haha!!)
This is the start line and Uechin is getting ready to go
and the Team Vertex staff Abe-chan is right along side him.

Today should be the main day and in a little bit, I'm planning
to go check out who is kicking ass (^ ^)/

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