May 2, 2009

D1 GP USA Rd. 1

Today was the main day of the D1 GP USA.
I left my house at 3:06pm and got there at 3:15pm... so nice!
I got there in the perfect timing because they were just about
to start the Top16 tandem rounds.
And the winner is . . . . . . . .

Daigo Saito in his JZX100 Chaser !!
Yay for the 4 door and Toyota win (^0^)//
2nd place was Kubakubo in the GC8 Impreza.
Great job to Forrest for getting 3rd place.
He ran very consistent with awesome angles !!!
All the JDM D1 vehicle heading out to their next round...

It was wierd being a spectator but it was nice and relaxing.


  1. Props to Forrest! Way to go, mang!

  2. yeah he was killing it !!

  3. bro hiro,any video of the event?

  4. i think there's some video on

  5. oo ok,will check it out,btw thanks for putting up my blog address at ur blogroll hehe