May 8, 2009

a day with Yoshioka Toshiking !

Toshiking is now back in Japan, but on the day before
his return flight we went to play golf at Diamond Bar.
We wanted to get some excercise while golfing, so we decided
to walk to course instead of riding the golf cart. And this picture
is the result....... it was a hot day !!
I played horrible, but it was so much fun :)

Here's Toshiking in downtown LA.

We called up a friend and us three went to a nice cafe called
Bottega Louie in downtown LA. The place was pretty big
with separate bar/cafe area and more formal restaurant inside.

They had full line of sweets and pastries and the open
kitchen was very fun to watch while people rushed in and out...
constant non-stop movement !!

Then we met up with more friends and went to Fred 62 for...
what else but the peanut butter shake !! Sooooooo goooooood !!!

I had this Jimmy ....something omlet. I forgot the name but
it was good. Very meaty and filling.

This was a shop next to Fred 62.
The yellow t-shirt says "Japan sells beer to kids".
I didn't know that . . . . . do we ?!


  1. Hiro-kun,

    That's right!!
    I bought beer for my dad when I was little.
    Also bought Tabako for my obaachan!!

    By the way, Yoshii kao kuroiyo... (^^;

  2. demo imawa chigaimasuyone~?
    "Japan 'used to' sell beer to kids" ga tadashii no kana~?! Yosshi~ kuroi kara yoru wa shashin utsuri warui desune~~~ ahahaha!