May 23, 2009

Drift Day in El Toro !

This is the tow truck of the day !
Jin san from US Earth came in this H2 equipped with JP aero
towing his SR powered 240sx. Polished 24" rims !!!

From left, Jin san, Ken Gushi, FD Andy Dandy,
Emma, me, Billy, and FD Ceso in front.
Thanks Andy for the In&Out burgers !!!

Drift Days are supposed to be fun. Well, I did have fun
hanging out with my friends.


My 2JZ motor blew . . . . The oil catch tank was filling up
after every couple of laps... huge amounts of blow-by oil.
I ended up cleaning the sprayed oil and trying to fix the
car all day and didn't get to run so much . . . . bloody shame...

The spark plug from #2 cylinder is wet, so maybe the
piston rings ? head gasket ?? more headache for sure... :(

After the event, we stopped by at Curry House in Irvine.
Thanks for the curry Ceso !!
And thanks to Ken for driving me all the way back to El Toro !
Hope he made it home safely . . . his hachiroku's alternator was
having a little connection problem. No problem for Ken ;)

Look at this fancy baller watch that Ceso had !
It's GOLD. ... AND

It's so hard to read what time it is !!!


He says lots of girls "likes" it so it worth having a watch
that takes 10 damn seconds everytime to tell what time it is :P

Time to watch F1 Monaco qualify that I recorded at home !!