May 3, 2009

D's club Dai's Drift Academy

I stopped by El Toro today to see how the Dai's Drift Academy was going.
Here's Yoshioka Toshiking, Kamimoto, and Dai watching
a student learning how to do donuts.
And here's Taka teaching a student "figure 8" in the student's
celica. Taka just ate lunch before this..... hope he's ok....
My tire was almost done but had just a little tread left and
I let Garage Boso Ross take it for a spin. I told him to finish
off the tires for me and he did just that (^0^)/
He said he liked the car a lot !
Here's a group picture of the entrants and the instructors.
Seems like everyone had fun !!!
On the way home, I stopped by pink berry to cool my body
down after a hot drifting day.

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