May 10, 2009

F1 Catalunya result

Last night or rather this morning, I recorded the F1 Catalunya
and just watched it.
Jensen wins again. Very awesome team tactic by
Ross Brawn to finish their drivers 1st and 2nd !!
It's obvious that the Brawn cars are fast, but I can see
that their successful season comes from both the pit
mechanics, pit engineers, and drivers are very much
in synch and not making any stupid mistakes.
On the other hand, both Ferrari and McLaren is having
a night mare. Especially Ferrari when Raikonnen's car
broke down and Massa's car was running out of fuel
towards the last few laps. Massa was trying his best to
keep Vettel behind him while engineers were telling him
"Felipe, you're using too much fuel... you must conserve
fuel to get to the finish !!" Then Felipe replies, "what do
you want me to do !?" That was kinda funny but also
unbelievable that it was coming from the famous
Scuderia Ferrari.

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