May 14, 2009

Garage Boso

Yesterday I stopped by Garage Boso in Gardena.
Everyone was pretty beat because they just drove back all the way
from Atlanta, GA in this Boso truck !
From left is, Keigo, Arnel, Takatori, me, Ross, and Frank.
Good to see Keigo back in the U.S. !! As you all know, Ross
is the pro driver and Frank is the pro tuner/mechanic.
Frank also tuned my Cressida's 2J.

The famous Garage Boso "rasta" S15 !!
It had some so called "battle scars" from couple of
previous events, but those little scars makes drift cars
even cooler !!

This car is really cleanly built under the hood too.
Even the valve cover is rasta !

Here's Takatori san trying to think which trick he should
bust out for us..... in his sandals !!