May 22, 2009

Hiro's Auto Repair and . . . done !

Last night I went to Hiro's Auto Repair to change some tires...
The damaged rim from Long Beach GP. I don't think
it's repairable any more...
Drift Day is now sponsored by Nexen !! It's so easy
mounting these 16"s with big side walls :)

One of the mechanic at Hiro's Auto, Shingo just bought
this KP Starlet. He's thinking of putting in a 4AG.
Can't wait for this project to start !!

Another car inside the shop was my friend Jeff's
time attack Miata. I think this is the same car that
I drove when it was red long long time ago.

And this car was also there getting some precision alignment.
Daijiro better kicking some butts soon. Good luck to him
at the FD Rd.3 in Wall, NJ.

Yay, I got the fronts mounted and the car is ready to go !!
I'll be at DriftDay in El Toro tomorrw.
I think Ken Gushi is also coming to play with us !