May 7, 2009

Intercooler pipes and JDM Yakiniku @ Manpuku

Recently, I slowly began to work on my car again...
Trying to fix some of the mickey-mouse job I did to make the
event at Formula D Long Beach a few weeks ago.
I re-clocked the compressor housing so that the silicone hose
was not touching the exhaust manifold... (what a good idea!)
And made some minor change to the I/C piping thanks to
lots of help from Scott at SPD Metal Works.
Now, none of the pipes should pop off at 1.4bars of boost !!!

After some wrenching on my car, I had a reservation with
Miki-san and Ken-chan to go to Manpuku to fill our empty stomach !
Going out to eat definitely empties my wallet, but it's always great
to eat good food with good friends !

And after eating tons of meat, I searched up a local Yogurt Land
and filled up our "sweet spot" in our stomach too (^0^)/

Both Miki-san and Ken-chan is at hot hot Atlanta now for
the 2nd round of Formula D.
I have never missed competing in Formula D since it began in 2004,
so it really feels wierd and crappy that I'm sitting at home checking
the status on my internet... Hope I can go back to competing the
full schedule next year !!


  1. Hiro I know how weird (and heartbreaking) it feels to miss a competition... good luck getting back into the full schedule!

  2. what's up Benson ! where have you been ?
    yeah, hopefully things will get better towards the latter part of this year and next year too!!

  3. Been busy raising a baby and buying a house! You know... the boring "normal" person stuff.

    Finding funding must be hard during this recession... wish you the best!

  4. Benson, I like how you said "normal person stuff". hahahaha...

    Yes, I feel you too Hiro. I have not missed a round since 2004 until stepping away in the middle of the 2007 season. Then all I do is "normal person stuff" and felt weird ever since (insane at times). I am trying so hard to contain the drift bugs inside me so I don't go too crazy at work!!

    I think we should form a group to discuss how to deal with the withdrawal symptoms of the drift bugs.


  5. what's up Hubert. good to see you at D1.
    yeah, we should start a club, "normal person stuff doing drifter" club. good thing about drifting is you can enjoy it at various levels of commitment ;)