May 21, 2009

suspension fix . . . (con't 2)

When I changed the engine oil, I finally remembered to change
the drain plug to this magnetic plug that I bought in Japan.
The magnet was pretty strong (it said 4000gauss on the package)
The magnet so strong that it was trying to stick to the
oil pan while I was screwing it in. Well, now I hope I don't
see any metal chunks next time I change oil (^_^;)

When I inspected the inner tie-rod on the damaged side,
it seemed to be bent just so slightly. Luckily I had a spare . . .

The new tie-rod in place !
What about the steering rack itself ? I'll just pray it's OK.

Finally, the front suspension is complete.
Now I can finally put the car on the ground . . . BUT !
I realized I don't have any front wheels because
I broke the rim with the crash... hmmm.


  1. bro hiro,what suspension are u using?custome made??and one more thing does the stock front brake helped when braking?mine work like shit so i change it to nissan 4pot brake..

  2. singbluesiliver,
    i just custom made it using a shorter shock
    body to limit the droop. yeah, the stock front brake is kinda weak, but it's ok for drifting. maybe for time attack, i might need something better.