May 20, 2009

suspension fix . . .

I need to get the car ready for the drift demo at the end
of this month...
So, I began fixing the front suspension which I bent at
the Long Beach GP (long long time ago...!)
Grounded off the coil spring plate so that I can slide in
the ground control coilover sleeve.
I still have to make some spacer to fit it under the
shock because the strut is much longer than the shock body.

This is the OS Giken twin-plate that came off my Chaser.
It's been used in competition for 4 years and haven't
had any problems. It definitely looks like it needs new
disk plates, but it is amazing how long it lasted !!!
Beautiful blue-purple color (^_^;)//


  1. Hiro- if you are going to run GC stuff, hit up Gabe @ TechnoToyTuning, I helped him design a GC setup that works, including front camber plates, RCAs, etc. I am sure he would be willing to help you out!

  2. Andrew,
    that's cool you helped Gabe design that.
    i've already got help from Gabe :)
    he hooked me up with the front camber plates.
    i need to come up with custom knuckle to get more angle out of the cressida...

  3. Way to go, Hiro ! Hope to see you again in action !

  4. Good! Glad to see you are using his help. That camber plate took a little extra work due to the funky angle the top mount sits at, but whatevah... it works. And for the knuckle... its going to be similar to the way the corolla gains more angle.
    keep it up Hiro, looks good, email me if you get stuck or have questions, or need an extra hand!