June 11, 2009

Bass Pro Shop & KAN

When I called up Takatori san to see what he's doing,
he was heading up to the Bass Pro Shop in Rancho Cucamonga
just.... for the hell of it since he had time to kill.

And luckily he was going to pass by my house in a few minutes
anyways, he came by to pick me up.
I don't really know anything about fishing nor do I
really cared about it, but that Bass Pro Shop along the I-15
is so big and I wanted to go there sometime....

.... just for the hell of it ;)

What do you call this thing ? A fishy thing with a hook
at the end. Anyways, there were tons of choices...
This pic is only like 1/10 of what they had !!!

I saw that some of the higher end hooks were made by
a Japanese company. Interesting...

Should I have tried to feed them the Doritos chips again ?

Afterwards, we went to this restaurant "KAN" in Torrance.

Everything we ordered was very good.
(although I didn't eat the Uni 'sea urchin' sushi...)

Right when we were about to be done, the restaurant
manager came up to us and said...

"would you like to try our new menu that we just developed ?"

I said ".............." (because we were all pretty full)

And the manager said "Of course for no charge !"

"YES !!!" said me :)

They made us a minced meat of shrimp and chicken with
herbs inside fried to golden brown with a special sauce from
their sister restaurant in Japan.


The manager came over and asked us,

"How is it ? and for at price would you order it if we had it
on our menu ?"

We gave it a good thought and gave him some suggestions.

So, maybe the next time I'm here, this new item might be
on their menu (^0^)//

The dessert 'custard pudding' was also so good that I
only realized that I forgot to take the pic after
I finished it all !!


  1. あの店長よく持ってきますねぇー。

  2. シンちゃん、

  3. That would be a fishing lure...btw ^_~.

    - A

  4. Annie C,
    yeah a lure ! thanks Annie C.