June 29, 2009

Bed Head . . .

I woke up this morining and my hair . . . . .

already had a modern artistic styling performed
by my pillow while I was asleep.

Pretty convenient and time saver in the rushy morning.


The Problem is . . .

There's no guarantee what you get as the final
product when you wake up in the morning !!


  1. Haha, kawaii.

    Actually, you can get pretty close to that if you wear a scarf while hair is wet. You can get the top to stick up and keep sides down.

    Maybe a scarf is too girlie for you?
    We can call it a do-rag. ^_~.

    A little more manly.

  2. Annie C,
    scarf is just fine with me as long as i don't have to wear it outside :P
    this is what happens when i take shower at night and sleep before the hair is totally dry...

  3. Yeah man, sexy! ^_~

    I just cut my hair short and I love the messy style! I use it as often as possible. lol