June 21, 2009

Dai's Drift (and Grip) Academy @ El Toro

Yesterday, I went to El Toro to help out with
Inada Daijiro's Drift Academy in El Toro.

I got there at 6:30am (as all the staffs were told to)

NOBODY was here . . . . . . (;_;)

Eventually everyone started to show up including the
venders such as Greddy, Cusco, Ings, Bride . . .

As you can see, it was cloudy all day.
Very lucky because it gets super hot when it's sunny.

There's DriftFoto's Larry Chen with his orange vintage Z
along with all the other participants.

I was responsible for the grip course and their instruction,
but it was a very rough day for me because there were
so many participants in the grip section.
Thank you very much to all the staff that helped me
throughout the day !!!

I just hope people had fun and went home happy.

Here's a good comparison of the 'old' Z and the 'new' Z.
And Shinnosuke posing to block the 'new' Z...

I picked on Shinnosuke too much saying
the "new one looks waaaaaaay better than yours! "
he told me that he was gonna take me off his myspace
and friendster "friend's list". . . . hahaha~~~!!!

Check out his blog for more cool pics from this event :
Right side on my "BLOGROLLS" => Shinnosuke Jon Fujisawa

Right before I was heading home, Ken Motonishi was
practicing some autocross with his friend's Lotus Elise
and I was able to get a ride for one run.

The car was so light and so small !!!
Look at the pic... there's no space between the driver
and the passenger !!
It's been a while that I got a ride in a car with
Hoosier autocross tires. It felt goooood !

Ken's an awesome driver who has a national champion title
and we used to race in the same class in SCCA SoloII
back in the days.


  1. Is a nice event.

  2. kwong chi shing,
    hello. which car were you driving ?
    hope you had fun !!!

  3. no..I'm not there . I'm your "wall Love" t-shirt fans,are you remember me.

  4. that's right ! i thought i saw your name somewhere. sorry for the wait on the shirt, still not ready for the new batch. . . .

  5. hehe...never mind.