June 9, 2009

DH range foxy & OBAN @ Beaux

It's been a little while, but I hit the range again to
practice some golf at the Dominguez Hills GC.
Right next to the pro shop, this cute friend was wondering
around. He(she?) was a bit timid, but very skinny and
obviously starving. One nice dude came out of the pro shop
with a chips bag and we tried to feed the little fox, but he
didn't like it.

So, the wild fox doesn't like the original cheese Doritos...

After the range, we went to Beaux to taste the drink
I found last time I was here.

The OBAN whisky.

My curiosity was satisfied, but since it was a scotch,
I found out that I should always stick to what I like...



This OBAN was quite expensive !!
( I should've checked the price before ordering...)


  1. i always wanted to see if i liked bourbon. what do you suggest, and whats the best way to drink it?

  2. SileightyMania,
    i always drink it "rock"... just ice.
    don't use tapwater ice because it'll ruin it.
    i have Jim Beam at home because it was one of the cheapest bourbon.
    come out to drift in ASB in july !!!

  3. You didn't catch the fox and keep him as a pet? I know at least 2 people here in Tokyo that have them as pets haha.

    BTW, can you this this link out Hiro?


    I'm not done with the website yet but I would appriciate any input you have on your profile there.


  4. Roo,
    the page looks good, but i didn't have the stroker kit on my car. anyways, make sure you got the ok from Falken to post those pics.
    it feels kinda wierd since i don't even drive that car anymore and it's already swapped to v8...

  5. Word, yeah, cars and sponsors are changing every year like girl's change fashion in Tokyo. Wondering what's next...