June 26, 2009

Diamond Bar GC and job interview . . .

Today was kinda busy day with lots of play and
some errands . . .
I played golf at the Diamond Bar GC with some friends
we met at the Japanese community site. Satoshi (on the left)
was looking for somebody to play golf during the weekday
and I replied as well as Noriko (in the middle).

I met them for the first time today and they were
both really nice and very good to play golf with.

I had a great start with #1: Par, #2: Birdie, . . . got
+2 on the first nine.


Killed myself with #10: Double bogey, #11: Quad bogey, . . .
and ended up +10 on the back nine.

So, total of 84... what a bummer.
(Could've been a lot better!! yeah, we all say that :P)

Then I had a little job interview in Torrance, so I had to
rush home and change and get back out !!!

In the interview building there was this nice patio
in the middle of the hall way. I figured this would
be a nice place for smoking person to take a break...

But then...

I saw this sign on the door . . . . hmmm.