June 27, 2009

Drift 102 @ Inland Drift (Perris, CA)

Before my legs could heal from yesterday's walking around
the mountain with fourteen clubs on my bag training,
I came to teach Drift 102 at Inland Drift in Perris, CA.

My student today came all the way from New York !!

My Drift 102 Cressida being prepared for all day drifting
in scorching summer heat here in the "inland".

Yoshie was here with her S14 too. She hasn't drifted
for a long while, so it was good to see her sliding
sideways !

There's my student on the left and the Drift 101 student
on the right taught by our good instructor JP.

And here's the tires that turned into rubber dust.
The surface was not so bad for the tires and they lasted
pretty long time.

And Yoshie is also having fun with lots of smoke from
her KA Turbo S14.



After a long long day in the hot desert weather being
sun burned all over my body...

I'm heading to this thing . . . .
Never been there, so don't know what to expect...

Can I survive it ?

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  1. Hello i have never seen this type of drift image.