June 28, 2009

Electric Daisy Carnival 2009 @ Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

It is 6:30AM...

After a long day at the Inland Drift, I got home and
took a quick shower and finally got around the area
of the event.


All the designated parking structure was all FULL !!
Well, with 100,000 people coming from all over U.S.
I wasn't surprised. So, I had to look around for a
street parking spot for more than an hour. That was harsh...
Finally parked waaaay north of USC and walked thru
the USC campus. This was pretty nice because
I did graduate from USC and I haven't been there
for years !! The Doheny Library is still very beautiful.

It was a solid 30min walk to get to the front gate
and it was already nearing 12midnight !
But I was glad that I'm finally here and got in to the EDC !!
(I really thought I would never make it here...)

It was absolutely crazy inside with huge amounts of
people and multiple stages banging out beats after beats.

It took a little while, but I was able to find my buddy
Garage Boso Frank, Patrick, Mike, and other friends.

We walked around the place a lot and the place was
very big. My legs needs major rehabilitation now !

This was my favorite spot of the night.
The main stage inside the Memorial Coliseum.
Although I graduated from USC, this was my
only second time to visit this coliseum.

Last time was of course, the USC football game.

The stadium was packed with people and it was great
because I was able to sit on a chair and just chill
to the beats while relaxing. Dai would call this chillax !!
We stayed there till the show ended at 4am.

The 30+min walk back to my car was a pain . . . . .

Of course, by the time I was on the freeway,
the sun was up and shining into my very very
very tired eyes.

Goooooood Night everyone.......


  1. wow. reiko and i havent been to EDC since about 98 or 99. good times!

  2. Mika and Kalia,
    yeah, this was my first time going to EDC, or actually first time to a rave. it was pretty cool !