June 20, 2009

FedEx Kinko's

Tomorrow, I'll be at El Toro to instruct some grip driving.

So, I made a little handout for the first time beginner
students to teach them about the 'basics'.

And I needed to make some copies... therefore,
a quick drive to the local FedEx Kinko's !!!
When I got here, it felt wierd because the parking lot
was empty and there was nobody in the store...

And when I tried to open the door . . . . . . it was locked !

I looked at the store hours...


And then,

looked at my watch...


What kind of weak ass Kinko's closes at 11PM ?!?!

Then I used my phone to search another Kinko's in the area...

Luckily I found one.

A 24Hrs FedEx Kinko's.

That's what I'm talking about !!!

Finally I was able to make forty copies and was prepared
for tomorow's event :)

The final task is whether I can wake up at.....

5AM !!!

(wake up call please !!!)