June 18, 2009

gear oil shower . . . . .

I washed the Enkei RPF1 wheels on both cars...
Spanking clean !!!
(but I was too lazy to wash the bodies.....)
And I changed the engine, tranny, and diff oil on
both cars too.


While I was pumping the diff oil into the Cressida pumpkin...


The hose came out of the fill hole and sprayed oil all over my face
and my hair. It even got into my right eye.
Tho, it didn't sting as bad as the brake cleaner :P

After all that, I felt like having a quick dinner...
So I went to McD to pick up some McNuggets !

While I was paying for the meal, the cashier lady said

"nice shift knob!! where did you get that ?"

(she was talking about this one)

I told her I got it in Japan. And

All of a sudden she said,

"I wanna learn how to drift !"

I was surprized that a 'normal' person can correlate the

'crystal shift knob' with 'drifting'. That's cool !!

Of course,

I gave her information about our Drift101/102 program :D
Hope she would come out to drift with us one day !!!


  1. ... Oh dildo shift knobs. The ladies love you.

  2. C.B.,
    i used to have one that seriously looked like a dildo... crystal shift knob is 'basic' to drift cars... i feel.

  3. ok let's make a deal. i'll wash your cars and you wash my rims. how many cars you want me to wash? ;)

  4. driftheaven,
    oh you said it... i think washing wheels are easier because you don't have to wax it !!!

  5. "crystal shift knob is 'basic' to drift cars... i feel."
    If your going for the classic japanese look, yes, I can agree on that.

    I would never want one in my car. I just never found them appealing. Perhaps I just a haven't found the right one.

  6. C.B.,
    yeah it's all about personal preferences. i like it so i have it in all of my cars.

  7. hiro, deal! my rimsss are waiting for you =)

  8. driftheaven,
    you know that i have 7 cars waiting for you !!