June 1, 2009

JustDrift with Redline Time Attack in WSIR

Although it took me 3 and a half hours to get to Willow
Springs International Raceway from my house (usually 2hrs),
I finally made it thru the traffic and constructions.
(***click on pic for bigger image***)
With the collaboration between JustDrift and Redline
Time Attack, we were allowed to do "Drift Demos" on the
Big Track. And here's some of the drifters that put on the show!

(***click on pic for bigger image***)
I didn't run all of the demo because as you know I blew the
motor on my competition car and thus I had to bring my
street cressida ===>>> not strong enough to drift the big track.
But Charlie, Calvin, Mike, Pat, Aaron was smoking their tires
up the crazy hill near the Balcony !!

Calvin, Henry, and I also ran in the actual Time Attack in
the "Drift" class. Although I got my butt whipped by his
FD, I had lots of fun trying to grip the big track :)

As I've expected lots of people were looking at my car
with "what the heck is that car doing here???" face !
I ended up running 1:40:4... At least I wasn't the slowest.

And while we were not at the Big track, JustDrift guys
did some ride alongs on the Balcony for the medias and fans.

Look at the beautiful sky !!!

Here are some of the cars from the "Unlimited" class.
Look at the front 'wing'(?) on Chris Rado's car... very innovative!

Tyler was also here to run the famous C-West/BC/Design Craft
carbon bodied S2000, but unfortunately they were having
some mechanical problems.

At the very end of the session, the Top 5 cars from the
"Unlimited" class competed wheel-to-wheel from a
rolling start for the ultimate winner.
These guys were full 20seconds faster than my cressida...

Congrats to Calvin for getting the 1st place and Henry for
the 2nd place in the "Drift" class !!!