June 16, 2009

K1 and Hello K

I totally forgot to post this up last week, but
I went to K1 Speed in Torrance like a week ago...
I guess I was 8th for the "best of the week" list.
It was a pretty good excercise for the whole body.
And I also got a bruise on my back which was hurting
for a couple of days...

From left: Takatori, me, Kie, Steve, and Steve's workmates
from StopTech.

Kie chan is one of the hardcore "Kittyler" I know.
"Kittyler" is someone, usually a female, who likes
to have most everything in the Hello Kitty brand.

Such as,

The license plate. The pen. The chopstick....

And the keychain..... plus more !!!


  1. Nice that you don't have to drive to Dromo1 any more if you live in Torrance! (But the most fun I've ever had karting was at the dilapidated Go-Kart-World in Carson...)

  2. Yo Slonie,
    no no, i don't live in Torrance. just that everyone i know lives in SouthBay, so i end up driving there... dude, i want to go to that go-kart world place!! it's the one by the 405 freeway, right ?

  3. Hiro,

    If you make it out to go-kart world, let me know and I'll totally go! If it's that one off the 405 just south of LAX, it's like 15 mins away from me!

  4. Jonny Mac,
    i think it's along the 405 near carson. i wonder why everyone goes to dromo1 or k1, but not the go-kart world..... is it that bad ?!

  5. I don't know if it's bad, but everytime I'm down that way and I drive by it, I'm sooooo tempted to stop and do a few laps. One day I will, and I'll let you know how it is.

  6. Add me in your blog list!