June 16, 2009

Miki + Taka = ?!?!?!

If you're a drift fan in the U.S., you should know. . . . .
Miki-san, who drives the Hankook Apexi Rx-7.
He is also one of the prestigeous series champion in D1GP Japan.

And Taka-san, who is a AE86 meister who is the only driver
to compete in all of Formula D in the same brand chasis.

If you're keen, you might've noticed that "Miki" is a last name
and "Taka" is a first name.


I always call "Miki" as Miki-san and "Taka" as Taka-san.


It is very wierd for me to see a person's name as

"Miki Taka"

This person Miki Taka does not look like Miki-san...

... or Taka-san.

But who is the...

New Miss Formula D 2009 !!!
She's hot and owns and wrenches on a Lexus IS300 !!!
(just like me :P . . . . well, not the "hot" part...)

But it's gonna take a while for me to get used to

her name . . . . Miki Taka.

(All photos property of Formula D. www.formulad.com)


  1. Hehe... this really made me smile! Thank you, Hiro. (that is my brother's nickname, btw)

    -Miki Taka-