June 4, 2009

random YouTube JDM movie. . . . .

Detroit Metal City
(Detoroito Metaru Shitii)

This movie is nothing new or anything but I thought I'd
introduce it in my blog since it's sooooo funny.
It's also a good movie too.

Basically the main character is a dude who's always wanted
to be an guitar singer. To be more specific, a folk music singer.


somehow he's involved in this heavy death metal music
group with a totally different identity as "Mr.Krauzer (sp?)".

Throughout the movie, his battle with his own identity
crisis between the "ideal" pop folk singer and the "actual"
death metal character.

I'd recommend it to anyone but I don't know if there's one
out with a English subtitle....


  1. Oh Japan, what would we do without you.

    That link has nothing to do with the animated version that contains kicking babies.

  2. C.B.,
    wow, that's a cool download site !
    in this modern world, you can get almost everything on your computer...