June 2, 2009

Redline Time Attack results...

The results are up on their website :
Looks like I was able to get the third place ! Cool !!

(I missed the award ceremony, so I didn't know where I placed...)

Here's Calvin drifting thru the high section at the Big Willow !!!


  1. thanks singbluesiliver !
    i wish i had my 2JZ cressida then i could've
    been closer to calvin ;)

  2. hehe u'll get him next time lol...
    so any update on the 2j engine?

  3. hey singblue,
    nah, still debating what to do about my engine.
    i've used up all my money on building the car,
    so right now, i can't even start to rebuild
    the engine...

  4. its okay bro,take it one step at the time hehe,
    anyway next year im thinking of getting a jzx90..since u already use both x80 an x90 for drifting,in ur opinion which one is better?