June 22, 2009

secret weapon ?!

I was driving today and found this car...
Just like mine, but all stock !!

After running some errands, I stopped by Anaheim Hills GC
for some training . . . . . . yes, training :P

Because I wanted to try out my new....

"secret weapon !!!"

Which is this club that I bought for $20 in the junk
section at Roger Dunn golf shop.

I practiced a few with this 'weapon' club, but
it was soooooo difficult !!

I was just like a beginner . . . actually . . .

waaaay worse than a beginner !!!

(can you see what's wierd about this club ?!)


  1. Uhh.... are you left handed, Hiro?

  2. Oh pitching wedges. Your many uses include for getting drunk on the course and having chipping contests.

  3. Jonny Mac,
    yeah, you got it. trying left handed makes me feel like i've never played golf !!!

    that sounds like a fun game. especially left handed !!