June 30, 2009

smelly tires . . .

After burning some rubber over the weekend,
(not me, but my student)
I went to Hiro's Auto to mount some new tires.
As you can see from my face, it didn't smell too
good in the car, surrounded various types of tires.

My trusty tire change machine !!!
(well, not mine, but I bet I use this thing more than anyone here...)

Thank you Hiro's Auto Repair of Costa Mesa !!!

I showed you the pic of the Suzuki Jimny last time,
and I saw the hood open so there's the pic of the
engine inside it. So small and simple !!


  1. lol.. hiro, why do you have the j porn black out in your eyes?

  2. driftheaven,
    oh yeah, i didn't have to black out no eyes here... just a habit, just in case ! hahaha~~~!!!