June 15, 2009

SPO Con by ProMotion @ Long Beach

Today I stopped by the SPO Con show in Long Beach
Convention center.
Here's Taka's car along with the other Formula D
drift vehicles.

Ken Gushi's TC's headlight is sooooo cool !!!

I found these Eibach coilover kit for Corvettes.
It's designed to be used with the existing suspension
and that's why the spring rates are so low !

Here's the long awaited Alex Pfeiffer's SC300 with BC
stroker kit 2JZ. Can't wait to see it run :)

And at a car show, there's always girls !!!
There were lots of girls everywhere and where
there are girls, there were lots of guys with CAMERAs!!

Carter is working hard to take some pretty photos
of the models and Shinnosuke is taking picture of
me while I was taking a picture of him....hahaha!!!

After the event, I stopped by Dominguez Hills to smack
some golf balls. Golf is so difficult . . . . .


  1. The corvette's suspension is already near perfect, why do people insist on having coilovers? You can't get any better than transverse leaf spring, with out going to an F1 car!

  2. C.B.,
    you might have a good point. but i wouldn't know since i don't have a corvette...
    i will probably never own a corvette in my life.

  3. singbluesiliver,
    yeah, i can't wait for Alex to drive that thing !