June 19, 2009

Suzuki Jimny !!!

I went to Mitsuwa market in Costa Mesa to stock up
on my favorite rice, "Sukoyaka Genmai".

Then I stopped by Hiro's Auto Repair (virtually next to Mitsuwa)
to say "Hi !".
I found Bill Schenker's SCCA SoloII CSP Miata.
Bill is a former Olympic skier !!! And now he's
a super fast autocrosser !
I remember this car when it was all blue.
Now only the roof is blue....
Cool to see he's using the OS Giken Super Lock LSD !!!

Even more awesome is Dai chan's new Suzuki Jimny project.
I love this color !!!

Interior is the same color too !
Oil pan is newly painted and the exhaust manifold is
sparkling new !!

Can't wait to see this thing run :D