June 17, 2009

Taka san's gift . . .

While on the long way back from Wall, NJ Formula D
event, Taka has bought me a souvenir...
Sioux City
Creme Soda & Cherries'N Mint

For those of you who doesn't know where Sioux City is...
It is in the State of Iowa.

Taka went to a college in Omaha, Nebraska and that's
why he knew about the Sioux City which is about
half an inch above Omaha. (on this map)

But the strange thing is that when he bought me these two
drinks, he was at a store in Flagstaff, Arizona... ... ... wierd !!

Oh and the taste evaluation....

The Sioux City Creme Soda was delicious :D

And (but)

The Sioux City Cherries' N Mint was .....

..... drinkable. (barely...)

Just imagine...

Cherry Coke
Root Beer

mixed together !!!

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