July 27, 2009

Ziptied All Star Bash 2009 at Willow Springs Int'l Raceway

The weekend of ASB2009 has finally arrived !!!
Thanks to Charlie, BH, and all the staffs at JustDrift !
The Federal Tires tent is the official registration booth.

This was the tech line. The actual line was
more than twice this size !!
A lot of drivers were here :)

The Yokohama tire booth gave out a set of ADVAN
Neova AD08 both on Sat and Sun to the lottery winners !!!

City Tire was also there to cater tire services to
the rubber burning drifters !!

Michi Takatori also came with the Bridge's Racing
supercharged VQ 240sx.

I got a ride with Michi and his driving is soooo
smooth and precise. I learned a lot !!!

They had a motor issue, so they had to head
back and get the car ready by Formula D Seattle.

This weekend I got to try out these used ADVAN Neova
AD07 on the fronts. The grip, response, and the stability
of the performance was amazing !!! And after two days
of full use, the tread still looks like the way I first got it.
So awesome !!!

These guys came from Seattle, WA !!!
Sucks for the dude in the light blue 240 since
he blew the motor after a couple laps on Sat...

And these guys are from Chicago ! I haven't seen
these guys for years since I went to judge the
Drift Day Chicago event.

Guys getting ready for the Team Tandem competition
at night on the Streets of Willow !!

Flybert was back with his newly built 240 with
beautiful House of Colors paint !
Dousan's awesome red 180sx right behind it !!

JTP, Forrest, Matt P, Charlie, and Bomac was also
tearing it up on the Streets :D

After the event was over on Saturday, I drank
a couple of beers, but was soooo tired and slept
in my Suburban. The temperature was perfect
for sleeping at night and I actually had a great
sleep !! :)
Everyone else was getting drunk and some guys
started to blabber on the PA. . . . that was
pretty funny stuff they were saying... :P

On Sunday, we had both Streets of Willow and
the Horse Thief Mile.
I don't know what the reason is.... because we
had two tracks open... people were hangovered...
out of tires... or simple just too hot..., but

there was soooo much track time !!!!!

A few times on the Streets, I felt like I had
the whole track to myself.

So Cool !!!

At the end of Sunday, we helped clean up the track
and these plastic barriers were used on the skid pad
turn. Mikey and Jason were there to help and
they had a thrilling ride on top of these barriers
up and down the big hill.

Good thing they survived !

And we all survived and had a great time at the

ASB 2009 !!!

and here's a small clip of my Drift 102 1JZ MX83 Cressida :
(Thanks Tom@OnTrackMotorsport for filming !)

Here's Matt Powers and Mikki on turn 1 :

check out these places for event coverages :

and I'm sure there's more !

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