July 10, 2009

a day with JDM Formula D drivers

After picking up Takatori san from LAX,
we went to get lunch in Gardena.
I had this Kakiage Seiro Zaru Soba at Otafuku.
This place is the best by far for eating soba !!!

Afterwards, we met up with Miki san, Robbie, Ken,
Maru chan, and Arisa at the K1 Speed in Irvine.

It was the Team Hankook domination with Robbie
in first place, Miki san in second, and Maru chan
in third. (I was fourth . . . :( )

Keep checking Dricon.TV for the footage from this event
and the updates from all the Formula D events :

Then we all went to Koji san's house for the reunion
BBQ party at his house in Laguna Niguel.
I was soooo hungry and all the food was awesome !
Including this big steak and the baked potatos !!

It was super great to see Hiroko san from Hiro's Auto !!! :)

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