July 15, 2009

a day with MAX-san !

Today I went to Turbonetics in Simi Valley with
Mr. MAX Orido.

It was hot !!!
MAX has been using Turbonetics GT-K turbo on his
D1 vehicle in Japan which is the Toyota Aristo with
2JZ pushing over 850hp.

I saw this huuuuuge piston and cam inside
the front gate.
You can literally use this piston as a bench !!

Here's MAX holding the big and the small
compressor housing.
Must be heavy on his left side !!

This was a display of their supercharger for a plane.

After coming back to the South Bay, we went to
Yuzu in Torrance to have some real good
Japanese food.
Super full !!! :)


  1. Glad to have you here Hiro. Thank you for all your help and Please let us know if we can ever help you with anything.


  2. Tyler,
    It was great meeting you and Reggie. Thank you very much for your open invitation ! I'll be in touch with Iwata-san to work things out :)

  3. Hiro

    why do all the japanese drivers fly to socal

    to have japanese food?!?!


  4. Rob,
    haha, that's a good point! but i have no complaints about going to these japanese restaurant for a good treat ;)