July 9, 2009

Drift Day @ El Toro

This was last Sunday, the day after the Megan Racing
We were at El Toro for the DriftDay !!!
Taka brought his main competition AE86 to test for
Formula D Las Vegas this week !

There were Kyle Mohan from KMR, Team Tanaka Racing,
Megan Racing, ....

As well as Bergenholtz RX-8, and Chris Forsberg all
came to get ready for the FD Vegas and have
some fun !!

Also my drifter friends from Japan just showed up,
who were Robbie, Miki-san, Maruchan, Arisa, and Dai.
(well Dai was already here...)

So, we went to get some noodles at Fukada in Irvine !


  1. Logan,
    oh you like Fukada too ?
    it's good but we had to wait more than an hour to get a seat !!