July 27, 2009

Formula 1 Hungary . . . . . what a mess...

I guess the biggest story of this crazy F1 Hungary
event was Massa getting hit on his helmet with
the chassis spring that broke off the Brawn GP
car driven by Barrichello.

I heard that the spring hit Massa's head with
the force of 1600lbs which fractured his skull.

Great to hear that Massa is recovering well !!! :D

Also great is Mercedes' comeback with Hamilton's
win !!! This was also the first win with a car
equipped with KERS system.
(maybe we'll see more cars with KERS at Valencia ?)

Very unfortunate next to Massa's incredible accident
was Pole Position Alonzo's wheel falling off his car
which lead to his retirement.

Now that Mercedes and Ferrari is regaining their
speed, it's gonna be a tight battle between the
other two fast teams . . . . Brawn and RedBull.

4 months break till next round is tooooo long !!!

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