July 12, 2009

Formula D Las Vegas . . . a round trip !

I left my house about 10am on Sat morning and arrived
at the LVMS before 2pm, so the drive wasn't so bad.

It's soooo critical to have a car with a good working AC !!
Since the practice session wasn't going to start for another
few hours, the course was empty.

Taka showed me the course layout and it looks fun !!!

Here's Taka's pit.
Good thing he has a tent.
Can't survive the 110F heat without it for sure !

Ueo and Haruguchi is back with Drift Speed :)
Team Hankook seems good with all cars qualified in top32.
Ken's Scion just had a engine swap thru the night and
he is ready to go all out !

Our next door pit neighbor was Matt Powers.
And those guys are his pit crews..... so called "Mattly Crew"!?
It was cool to have them next to us because
we had constant rock music and pretty funny seeing
bright haired dudes with make ups and super tight
pants working on Matt's car :D

Taka lining up for his practice runs.
Dai's Lexus has a slightly new look with white rims.
I saw a few of these big planes flying around the sky.

Congratulation to Tanner for winning with the V8 Scion TC.

And to Miki san for the second place. He was "on" !!!

Also to Chris Forsberg for third !

After the event was over, I had a choice to stay overnight
or drive straight home.

Although I was pretty tired, I heard that with the UFC fight
being held on the same day, there would be super traffic
on Sunday, I decided to drive straight back. ( terrible sentence...)

One good thing about driving straight back is that
I won't be losing any money on the gambling table this time ;)

It was a good decision to head straight home . . . .


I was stuck behind a retarded traffic on I-15 right before
LV downtown, so I exited the freeway.


I got LOST...

After like 15min, I was able to get back on the I-15,
but this unsuspected adventure made me extra tired !!

I stopped by Primm to pick up a RedBull, Gatorade,
beef jerkey, and these KrispyKreme donuts.

Donuts at 3:52am . . . late dinner ? or early breakfast ?

After taking a small nap at some random exit ramp,
I finally got home at 9:30am.

Almost a 24 hour Formula D Las Vegas trip !!


  1. Oh~No~!
    Hiro-kun, That's dangerous...
    You should not do next time please!

  2. mama,
    iya~, demo kaette kite yokatta desuyo.
    taka san tachi wa nichiyoubi jyutai ni hamatta mitai dashi...