July 21, 2009

Gaucho Grill and Shinsengumi

My brother came down again to drop more stuff off
to my house before his move to downtown LA.

He was looking for some Japanese food in the West LA area,
but since it was Sunday afternoon approaching 2pm,
nothing was open...
So, we took the 10 freeway headed to Santa Monica
and came to Gaucho Grill.

I had this "Mei . . ." ... I forgot the name...
Basically a fried thin layer of steak.
It was very good !!

The Promenade (3rd street ?).
This street is always full with variety of interesting people...

After the late lunch, I went to Torrance to rescue
Takatori san who was stuck in his friend's house.

And after killing some time at Starbucks, Rite Aid,
Kragen Auto, and Mitsuwa, we decided to go eat
some Yakitori at Shinsengumi.
Time for Yakitori with Takatori !!!

It's been a few years since I came here, but I might
not come back here for a few years again.

Don't get me wrong . . . . the food is great !

And this Yuzu-Kosho paste is spicy but sooooo good !!


This place was waaaay too noisy with the server's
shouting voice.

Shinsengumi is famous for their high spirited customer
service, but this place so much noisier than other places.

We both started getting a head ache and had a
hard time enjoying the good food.....

If I go there again, I'll bring my earplugs or
just wear my helmet !!


  1. i'd die for the yuzu-kosho!! i put it on everything! do you think they make it or buy it?

  2. Benson,
    hmmm... i'm not sure if they make it or buy it. but don't mitsuwa or nijiya sell these yuzu-kosho ? i love them too !!

  3. Next time you're in West LA, you should hit up Kinchans (Ramen) at Sawtelle Blvd and Olympic Blvd. It's where I always go for ramen, and it's awesome. And the Giant Robot stores are right up the street!

    If you do, call me! I'm 5 mins away. Any excuse for Ramen and Boba tea. ;)

  4. Jonny Mac,
    that sounds good. i rarely go there, but when i do, i'll hit you up !!