July 31, 2009

Hamburg party . . . !!!

Yesterday I went to Kie chan's house again
for the (weekly?) cooking party.

This time Kie chan cooked hamburg !!!
(Not hamburger because it's only the thicker meat patty without
the buns. Hamburg... that's what we call it in Japan)
And she made a koala like face with 3 patties
and ketchup sauce. . . . hahaha!!!

Hamburg with cheese on top was gooooood !!!

Like I said, it was supposed to be a hamburg party...

Here comes the takoyaki maker !!!

After Michi Takatori and Kie chan showed the
good example, it was Yoshie's turn to try it !!!

Both takoyaki and hamburg was good and filling !!!

We also had Beard Papa puffs that Taka brought
along with Kie chan's fruit pie.

It was a full course meal . . . . again (^0^)//


  1. Mmmm... Beard Papa.

    Oh what delicious treat's can't that sailor make?