July 5, 2009

Megan Racing drift competition (part 2)

Just got back from the DriftDay @ El Toro. . . .
(I'll blog about this even tomorrow...)
We began the day with Drift 102 class with a special
student. And this time, we had Yoshie as the
head instructor of the day in her new Drift 102 S14 Silvia.

Megan Racing provided us with excellent hospitality.
This was the big tent for driver's meetings and
lunch services for drivers and staffs.

Here are some of the drivers who showed up
to this special event on the special day... July 4th !!

One of the driver was Gin-san from US Earth,
our personal sponsor.
He had a major clutch problem during the first
practice session and forced run the qualifying
without being able to shift . . .

Here's Matt Powers clouding the banking with
tire smoke !! I love the low-ness of his car :)

Another photo of the judge's station.
Seems like Taka doesn't like what he's seeing !! Hahaha~!

It doesn't show that well on this picture, but the
sky was super beautiful right when we finished
the event.
Orange near the ground and solid blue sky at the top !!

Congrats again to :

1st : Matt Powers

2nd : Mike Essa

3rd : Tommy Roberts

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