July 15, 2009

my brother came over from SF

Last weekend, my brother came down from SF to
look for an apartment in LA downtown.

He's going to the Law school at Loyota.
(I can't imagine going back to school again...)
Since the JDM food is much better here in LA compared
to SF, we went to get some ramen at Asa in Torrance.
Those Yamaimo&Moch/cheese Takoyaki was awesome !!

Then we headed to Beaux to get some dessert and drinks.
They usually serve the Coffee Jelly with Vanilla ice cream,
but since they were out of it, we ordered it with Chocolate
ice cream. The matching was pretty good :)

After I made the 24 hour trip to Formula D Las Vegas,
I met up with my brother again to go get some
Yakiniku at Seikoen in Torrance.
(Do I like Sapporo ? I'd take any beer, but my brother
seems to like Sapporo...)

Of course, the yakiniku beef was great, but
these kimchi and moyashi was super good too !!!

I'm eating too fat these days. . . . time to start eating
more lean ! :P


  1. Seikoen is the best

    I love that place

  2. Logan,
    let's go there when you have time ;)